Repairs of boilers

Welcome to the page of ZIS Opoczno. We offer professional repairs of all power and industrial equipment and installations.

To do all the repairs that need coordinating by Technical Inspection Office, we provide preparing drafts in proper Technical Inspection Office. You can be sure, that everything is done according to instructions safely.

We offer own shop and highly qualified staff, so we can quickly do the boiler repairs and debug. Thanks to our experience we can face almost all repairs of boilers.

To build power and industrial installations we use:

  • 135 (MAG) semi – automatic welding in CO2 + Ar,
  • 131 (MIG) semi – automatic welding in Ar,
  • 141 (TIG) TIG- welding,
  • 111 – arc welding,
  • 311 – gas welding.

ZIS Opoczno has got long lasting experience in repairing boilers and other power and industrial installations. We offer doing the service on time. We also offer mechanical cleaning of boilers. If you are interested in full repairing of boilers or cleaning of boilers, please contact us.