Mechanical cleaning of boilers

Professional boiler services – only ZIS OPOCZNO. We invite you to use our offer. It is prepared both for companies and private users, who look for professionals to clean their boilers.

Have you the boiler? – This offer is for you. We can meet your demands. For many years we clean boilers – both mechanically and chemically. We also offer services and repairs of boilers. Offering you mechanical cleaning of boilers, we would like to show you all advantages, that regular cleaning of boiler gives:

  • Less possibilities of boilers break-downs – cleaning boilers regularly improves efficiency of boiler and lowers the risk of break-down. The cost of repairs can be enormous, so it is good to pay attention to have the clean installation.
  • Lower costs of working- clean boiler needs less energy, that gives savings.
  • Higher efficiency of boiler – except of fuel savings, clean boilers have much higher efficiency than boilers that are not cleaned.

All given advantages confirm – it is good to clean boilers regularly. We offer both mechanical and chemical cleaning. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are willing to answer them.