ZIS Opoczno czyszczenie chemiczne kotłów

ZIS Opoczno – professional mechanical and chemical cleaning of boilers and boilers repairs.


chemiczne czyszczenie kotlowWelcome to our company page - Sanitary system company of heating and repairing boilers – Józef Styczeń Opoczno. The company was started in 1979 and it was concerned with sanitary systems and low-pressure equipment repairs. In 1979 the company was granted a right from Technical Inspection Unit to repair the pressure units. In 1998 our professional activity was widened. The regeneration of pressure systems in boilers through chemical boilers cleaning and pressure equipment from boiler scale are done since then. We systematically realize the boilers repairs, chemical and mechanical maintenance of them. We still run the same activities. The company developes doing not only the repairs of mechanical pressure equipment but also making new modernizations.

ZIS Opoczno activity is mainly repairing services at our customers – modernizations, assembling and engineering chemistry. On our offer you can find mechanical cleaning of boilers and other services concerned with modernization and maintenance of those equipment.

remonty kotlowThe structure of the company Sanitary system and Boilers repairs is vertical and horizontal. The owner of the company is Tomasz Styczeń as the Manager of the Company. In vertical structure directly to him are subordinated: the Work Manager, the Chief Inspector and the Chemical Inspector. Directly to the Work Manager are subordinated teams of welders, fitters and chemical cleaners.

Our Company specializes in: repairs, modernizations of steam and water boilers, stationary pressure vessels, technological and transmission lines, the parts of pressure and no-pressure equipment and chemical cleanings.

mechaniczne czyszczenie kotlowThe company makes the repairs using own and entrusted materials:

  • Complete tabulation of boilers type WLM, WR,OR, E and fitting at the user,
  • Steel water/ air/ steam heaters of different types of boilers,
  • Repair and maintenance of parts of pressure boilers WLM, WR, OR, E and other types,
  • Boiler brickwork repairs,
  • Boiler repairs,
  • Repairs and maintenance of mechanical stokers and others,
  • Chemical cleaning of boilers form boiler scale,
  • After assembling leaching of water and steam boilers,
  • Mechanical cleaning of boilers from boiler scale,
  • Assembly of all types of boilers: air, oil, carbon, coke and others,
  • Assembly, repair and maintenance of boilers,
  • Assembly, repair and maintenance of technological and transmission pipelines,
  • Water conditioning,
  • Heat exchangers,
  • Dust collectors,
  • Cyclone
  • Dirt traps
  • Carburizing equipment,
  • Fans,
  • Blast draught,
  • Repairs and surveys of gas and oil burners,
  • Insulation of pipelines and boilers,
  • Making and assembling steel stacks,
  • Automatics of boilers,
  • Pipelines, stacks inspections